Product List

Car, RV, Boat Washing & Drying

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Top: 5' Handle: 85-675

2nd row: Blue soft wash brush: B85-673
Green wash brush: 85-673
Bilevel Truck/RV/Boat wash brush: 85-670
First pass drying blade: FPDB
3rd row: Wash mit: 85-310
Carwash sponge: 85-475
Bug Sponge: 85-441
Do-All Scrubber: 85-445
Water Sprite - REG (559 sq. in.): W5546; LG (791 sq. in.): W5816

Fender and Wheel Brushes

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Long handle fender and body brush, soft: 85-609
All purpose wheel and tire: 85-611
Med. stiff wheel and fender brush: 85-601
Soft wheel and body brush: 25-696
Long spoke and wheel brush: 85-631
Short spoke and wheel brush: 85-632

Carpet and Upholstery Brushes

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Large stiff carpet brush: 85-669
All-purpose carpet and upholstery brush: 85-601
Small carpet upholstery brush: 85-634
(top) Round buffer brush for high speed buffers: HSBB
(lower) Iron handle carpet upholstery brush: 85-632

Vent and Detail Brushes

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Small vent and dash brush: 85-651
Large vent and dash brush: 85-802
Two sided all-purpose detail brush: 85-653
Paintbrush, detail: 85-648
Toothbrush, detail: 85-647

Wool and Wool Blend Buffing Pads and Bonnet*

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Wool curved edge heavy duty cutting pad: 7503G
Black wool/cotton blend curved edge heavy duty cutting pad: 7503GB
Yellow wool/cotton blend curved edge light cut polish pad: 7503GY

Blue wool/cotton/..... blend curved edge finish pad: 7503GBU
Cotton bonnet, 11", for gem orbitals: 7000

* all wool blend buff pads are velcro and bolt on

Edge 9" Foam Buffing Pads*

L to R

Black heavy cut pad: 85108
Yellow medium cut/polish pad: 85109

Blue soft wax pad: 85111
White final finish pad: 85115

* all 9" edge pads are velcro and bolt on

7" Polisher Pads, Bonnet, Wheel Kits

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Meguiar's soft buff foam cutting pad: W7006
Meguiar's soft buff foam polishing pad: W8006
Meguiar's soft buff foam finishing pad: W9006

7" Microfiber bonnet: 6000
7" yellow polish pad: 44106
7" blue finish pad: 44136

Buffing Back Plates

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Gem Orbital buffer pad
Velcro back plate high speed buffer
Velcro back plate DA polisher

Applicators and Body Towels

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Large cheesecake applicator: 85-526
Regular terry applicator: WA35
Round terry applicator: 85-530
Foam tire dressing applicator: 85-511

Microfiber cloth, each: MFC
Cotton towels, 12 pack: CTP

Window Towels

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Windshield towels
M-tork towels: 440
Brown natural roll: 26401

Microfiber cloth, each: MFC

Dispensers and Sprayers

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Robo's plain qt. bottle - PQT
Robo's OSHA labeled* qt. bottle: OQTB
5 gal. dispenser with spigot: SDSR
Meguiar's OSHA labeled* qt. bottles: MQT
Robo's wax, compound bottle: WBTL

HD sprayer: HDSP
Regular chemical sprayer: RSP
Foaming sprayer: FSP

* All products available, just specify


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Plastic pump, 5 gal. to 55 gal.: PPR
Metal drum pump: MDP
Plastic flo pump: PFP
1 gal. hand pump, 1 oz. per pump: GPP

Tools and Accessories

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Nitrite chemical resistant gloves, 100 box
Med: NGM
Safety glasses: SGL
Safety goggles: SGO
Shop apron: DSA

Steel wool: 00-SWS
Steel wool cut in LG reel: 00-SWR
Razor blades, metal: MBL
Razor blades, plastic: PBL
Razor scrapper, 3 position: SCR
Water nozzle, fireman type: WNZ

Carpet, Seat Covers

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Plastic mask, dealer must remove, 200 ft.:CMK
Paper coated floor mats, 500 CS: PFM
Seat covers, 500 roll: PSC