Product List

Ultimate Dressing**

A solvent based dressing for all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Fast drying for virtually no slinging and produces a high gloss.

**Economical to Use

Ultimate Clear

High gloss silicone tire dressing for the exterior. Economical to use.

Rubber Dressing**

A water dressing for rubber surfaces. Silicone free and economical to use. Produces a high gloss.

*Body Shop Safe

Pro-tect It

A milky white, water-based polymer dressing for vinyl and rubber surfaces. Great alternative to solvent-based tire dressings. Produces gloss and contains a cherry scent.

Super Pro-tect It

A concentrate water-based all-purpose dressing. You control the level of gloss wanted by mixing with water.

Bumper Renewer

A transparent, ready-to-use, gel-like polymer treatment for faded bumpers and trim.

Instant Spray

An aerosol silicone dressing for interior and exterior use. Fast drying and will not fade out. Ideal for exterior trim and hard-to-reach areas.

Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

A two-part lotion cleaning system that replenishes natural oils while restoring the original appearance.