Product List

Magic Mist

A ready to use, spray on wipe off cleaner that removes dirt, smudges, fingerprints and enhances gloss. Great for a showroom shine. Use with clay bar. Contains no silicone.

Lemon Zip Wax

A ready to use spray wax fortified with drying agents. Apply to a wet car and wipe dry for instant shine.

Shake Seal Shine

A shake-and-go liquid Carnauba express wax. Removes light dirt and grease. Produces high gloss and provides durable protection.

Sparkle Wax

A final finish wax with ultrafine micro cleaner. No splatter or clean-up. For use with our color-coded buffing system.

Swirl Remover**

A mildly abrasive silicone free polish. Designed to remove swirls and light imperfections from painted surfaces.