Product List

Magic Mist

A ready to use, spray on wipe off cleaner that removes dirt, smudges, fingerprints and enhances gloss. Great for a showroom shine. Use with clay bar. Contains no silicone.

Lemon Zip Wax

A ready to use spray wax fortified with drying agents. Apply to a wet car and wipe dry for instant shine.

Shake Seal Shine

A shake-and-go liquid Carnauba express wax. Removes light dirt and grease. Produces high gloss and provides durable protection.

Sparkle Wax

A final finish wax with ultrafine micro cleaner. No splatter or clean-up. For use with our color-coded buffing system.

Swirl Remover**

A mildly abrasive silicone free polish. Designed to remove swirls and light imperfections from painted surfaces.

Paint Sealant

Seals paint for durable paint protection while enhancing gloss and brightening paint. Streak free, non-dusting, and non-staining on trim, it continues to bond paint after application for maximum durability.

Universal Cleaner Wax

Removes light scratches, fading, and water spots while producing a high gloss. Use with hand, DA polisher, or rotary buffer.

Heavy Duty Cleaner Wax

Removes moderate scratches, fading, and water spots. For use by rotary buffer or DA polisher.

Finishing Polish**

Removes swirl marks by DA polisher or rotary buffer while producing a high gloss.

Universal Compound**

Removes moderate to heavy scratches, defects, and oxidation while restoring color and shine.

Heavy Duty Compound**

Removes heavy to severe scratches, defects, and oxidation while restoring color and shine.

Clay Microfiber Cloth

A medium aggressive synthetic clay-like material that outlasts and outperforms traditional clays.

Clay Wash Mitts

A medium aggressive synthetic clay material on a wash mitt. You can "clay" as you wash. Outlasts and outperforms traditional clays.

Black Max**

A medium aggressive, non-abrasive compound for clear coats. Removes moderate oxidation and scratches. For use with our color-coded buffing system.

Flitz Metal Polish

A concentrate cream used to clean, polish, de-oxidize and protect. Use on metals, plastics, glass, and fiberglass. Protects up to six months.

Ultimate Dressing**

A solvent based dressing for all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Fast drying for virtually no slinging and produces a high gloss.

**Economical to Use

Ultimate Clear

High gloss silicone tire dressing for the exterior. Economical to use.

Rubber Dressing**

A water dressing for rubber surfaces. Silicone free and economical to use. Produces a high gloss.

*Body Shop Safe

Pro-tect It

A milky white, water-based polymer dressing for vinyl and rubber surfaces. Great alternative to solvent-based tire dressings. Produces gloss and contains a cherry scent.

Super Pro-tect It

A concentrate water-based all-purpose dressing. You control the level of gloss wanted by mixing with water.

Bumper Renewer

A transparent, ready-to-use, gel-like polymer treatment for faded bumpers and trim.

Instant Spray

An aerosol silicone dressing for interior and exterior use. Fast drying and will not fade out. Ideal for exterior trim and hard-to-reach areas.

Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

A two-part lotion cleaning system that replenishes natural oils while restoring the original appearance.

Car Wash Concentrate**

A highly concentrated 150-to-1 liquid car soap which produces a high stable foam and is formulated to safely lift dirt and traffic film from all paint work.

Wash 'N' Wax

A highly concentrated liquid car soap, formulated to safely lift dirt and traffic film from all paint work, while providing excellent sheeting action.

Mean Green**

A heavy duty, water-based cleaner/degreaser for interior and exterior use. Versatile, provides excellent results on whitewalls, engines, and interiors.


A great water-based interior/exterior all purpose cleaner (cherry scent). It does everything from engines to garage doors.


A concentrated, heavy duty degreaser/cleaner. Water based for removing scuff marks, grease and road film from tires, whitewalls, and engines. Excellent floor cleaner.

Xtra Kleen**

A concentrated citrus based all purpose cleaner, great for interior/exterior cleaning. Produces a high penetrating foam, contains citrus scent. Does everything from engines to carpets. A great bug remover, etc.

Interior All Purpose Cleaner

A concentrated non-butyl cleaner fortified with color brighteners and fabric softeners. Cleans everything. Safe on leather, plastic, carpet, vinyl's, even motors and door jambs. Economical to use.


A concentrated extraction fluid which is low foaming, clean scented and formulated to safely remove dirt and grease from all types of carpeting and upholstery. Use with extractor machine.

Black Streak Remover

A concentrated cleaner manufactured for removal of black streaks from all types of surfaces.

Upside Down Velour Cleaner

An aerosol carpet and velour cleaner, high foam for less wetness. Has clean refreshing scent.

Carpet Spotter Plus

An aerosol carpet cleaner that immediately removes most spots, including ink, grease, oil, coffee, cola, lipstick, etc.

Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

A two-part lotion cleaning system that replenishes natural oils while restoring the original appearance.

Car Scents

Ready to use liquid scents that mask offensive odors. Comes in a variety of fragrances:

  • New Car
  • Cherry
  • Pina Colada
  • Baby Powder
  • Citrus
  • Lemon

Clean & Fresh

A concentrated enzyme based odor eliminator which kills bacteria, mold, and mildew causing odor.

Clean Breeze

An easy-to-use aerosol odor eliminator that can remove most odors immediately. Contains OrdenoneTM and has a refreshing scent.

Odor Fogger

An aerosol eliminator which attacks odors instantly. Including tobacco, mildew and other mal odors. Various scents available.

RTU Glass Cleaner

A ready to use, alcohol and ammonia-free glass cleaner which is streak-proof and safe to use on tinted windows.

Glass Cleaner Concentrate**

A ready to use, soap and ammonia-free glass cleaner containing a blend of alcohol and grease cutting ingredients for removing smoke and traffic film.

Streak Proof

An aerosol glass cleaner, leaves no streaks or smudges. Cuts smoke and traffic film.

Tree Sap Remover

A ready to use liquid that effectively removes tree sap from paint, glass and chrome.

Wax & Grease Remover

A ready to use solvent based cleaner formulated primarily to remove tar, wax, bugs, grease and silicone from exterior surfaces.

Grease, Tar & Silicone Remover

A ready-to-use solvent-based cleaner formulated primarily to remove tar, wax, bugs, grease and silicone from exterior surfaces.

Adhesive Remover

A ready to use solvent cleaner for removing window tint glue, old pinstripes, tar and grease from interiors.


A concentrated acid free wheel cleaner. Safely removes grease and brake dust from most types of wheels.

Wire Wheel Cleaner

A ready to use acid based cleaner and brightener for chrome plated wire wheels.

Mag-Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

A concentrated, acid based cleaner and brightener for chrome, magnesium, and aluminum wheels.

Carpet & Vinyl Dyes

An aerosol spray for renewing faded, discolored carpeting and vinyl. Contains no Methylene Chloride.

Last Touch**

Quick spray shine enhancer, enhances gloss, quickly removes dust, fingerprints and other contaminants; excellent clay lubricant, safe for paint, plastic, chrome, vinyl, wood veneer.

Synthetic Spray Detailer

Enhances wax protection between washes and waxes. Hydrophobic polymer technology mist-on and wipe-off to restore a deep, rich finish.

X-press Liquid Wax

Super fast, glass enhancing wax that applies quickly, dries fast, wipes off easily; enhances gloss and provides protection.

Synthetic Sealant

Produces noticeable deeper, darker, more reflective paint finish; eliminates fine scratches and swirls; glides on easily with a smooth wipe-off.

Hi-Tech Yellow Wax

Premium yellow Carnauba wax blended with silicones, polymers and other waxes; adds richness and depth of color; provides ultimate high gloss protection to any previously cleaned and polished paint finish; available in liquid or paste.

Quick Detailer

A one-step cleaner/wax, specially formulated for high-production reconditioning; quickly and safely removes oxidation and blemishes; restores deep gloss and provides a durable wax finish.

Reconditioning Cream

One liquid system - fast paint defect removal with an incredible high shine. Advanced unigrit technology. Use by wool foam pad or hand.

Ultra Finishing Polish

Advanced technology formula produces a deep gloss and rich swirl-free finish. Smooth buffing and fast wipe off.

Dual Action Cleaner/Polish**

Removes light-to-medium contamination, blemishes and oxidation that Swirl Free Polish will not. Combines the perfect amount of abrasive cleaner and pure, rich polish to produce a customer-pleasing deep gloss shine.

Diamond Cut Compound 2.0**

Super fast cutting, low-swirl compound; low-dusting, low-splatter formula that quickly cuts with minimal swirls.

Ultra-Cut Compound**

Ultra-fast cutting removes 1200 grit or finer sanding marks; super-micro abrasives leave best-in-class finish; great for removing scratches, defects, acid-rain and severe swirls/holograms.

Detailing Clay

Safely removes contaminants; safe on glass and hard plastic; available in two levels of aggressiveness.

Unigrit Finishing Papers 1500-2000 grit

Uniform grit particles leave a smooth, even sanding pattern that buffs out in seconds; eliminates the risk of deep sanding scratches that require compounds to remove; safe for use on all paint finishes and clear coats.

Car, RV, Boat Washing & Drying

L to R

Top: 5' Handle: 85-675

2nd row: Blue soft wash brush: B85-673
Green wash brush: 85-673
Bilevel Truck/RV/Boat wash brush: 85-670
First pass drying blade: FPDB
3rd row: Wash mit: 85-310
Carwash sponge: 85-475
Bug Sponge: 85-441
Do-All Scrubber: 85-445
Water Sprite - REG (559 sq. in.): W5546; LG (791 sq. in.): W5816

Fender and Wheel Brushes

L to R

Long handle fender and body brush, soft: 85-609
All purpose wheel and tire: 85-611
Med. stiff wheel and fender brush: 85-601
Soft wheel and body brush: 25-696
Long spoke and wheel brush: 85-631
Short spoke and wheel brush: 85-632

Carpet and Upholstery Brushes

L to R

Large stiff carpet brush: 85-669
All-purpose carpet and upholstery brush: 85-601
Small carpet upholstery brush: 85-634
(top) Round buffer brush for high speed buffers: HSBB
(lower) Iron handle carpet upholstery brush: 85-632

Vent and Detail Brushes

L to R

Small vent and dash brush: 85-651
Large vent and dash brush: 85-802
Two sided all-purpose detail brush: 85-653
Paintbrush, detail: 85-648
Toothbrush, detail: 85-647

Wool and Wool Blend Buffing Pads and Bonnet*

L to R

Wool curved edge heavy duty cutting pad: 7503G
Black wool/cotton blend curved edge heavy duty cutting pad: 7503GB
Yellow wool/cotton blend curved edge light cut polish pad: 7503GY

Blue wool/cotton/..... blend curved edge finish pad: 7503GBU
Cotton bonnet, 11", for gem orbitals: 7000

* all wool blend buff pads are velcro and bolt on

Edge 9" Foam Buffing Pads*

L to R

Black heavy cut pad: 85108
Yellow medium cut/polish pad: 85109

Blue soft wax pad: 85111
White final finish pad: 85115

* all 9" edge pads are velcro and bolt on

7" Polisher Pads, Bonnet, Wheel Kits

L to R

Meguiar's soft buff foam cutting pad: W7006
Meguiar's soft buff foam polishing pad: W8006
Meguiar's soft buff foam finishing pad: W9006

7" Microfiber bonnet: 6000
7" yellow polish pad: 44106
7" blue finish pad: 44136

Buffing Back Plates

L to R

Gem Orbital buffer pad
Velcro back plate high speed buffer
Velcro back plate DA polisher

Applicators and Body Towels

L to R

Large cheesecake applicator: 85-526
Regular terry applicator: WA35
Round terry applicator: 85-530
Foam tire dressing applicator: 85-511

Microfiber cloth, each: MFC
Cotton towels, 12 pack: CTP

Window Towels

L to R

Windshield towels
M-tork towels: 440
Brown natural roll: 26401

Microfiber cloth, each: MFC

Dispensers and Sprayers

L to R

Robo's plain qt. bottle - PQT
Robo's OSHA labeled* qt. bottle: OQTB
5 gal. dispenser with spigot: SDSR
Meguiar's OSHA labeled* qt. bottles: MQT
Robo's wax, compound bottle: WBTL

HD sprayer: HDSP
Regular chemical sprayer: RSP
Foaming sprayer: FSP

* All products available, just specify


L to R

Plastic pump, 5 gal. to 55 gal.: PPR
Metal drum pump: MDP
Plastic flo pump: PFP
1 gal. hand pump, 1 oz. per pump: GPP

Tools and Accessories

L to R

Nitrite chemical resistant gloves, 100 box
Med: NGM
Safety glasses: SGL
Safety goggles: SGO
Shop apron: DSA

Steel wool: 00-SWS
Steel wool cut in LG reel: 00-SWR
Razor blades, metal: MBL
Razor blades, plastic: PBL
Razor scrapper, 3 position: SCR
Water nozzle, fireman type: WNZ

Carpet, Seat Covers

L to R

Plastic mask, dealer must remove, 200 ft.:CMK
Paper coated floor mats, 500 CS: PFM
Seat covers, 500 roll: PSC