Unigrit Finishing Papers 1500-2000 gritFender and Wheel Brushes

Car, RV, Boat Washing & Drying
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Car, RV, Boat Washing & Drying

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L to R

Top: 5' Handle: 85-675

2nd row: Blue soft wash brush: B85-673
Green wash brush: 85-673
Bilevel Truck/RV/Boat wash brush: 85-670
First pass drying blade: FPDB

3rd row: Wash mit: 85-310
Carwash sponge: 85-475
Bug Sponge: 85-441
Do-All Scrubber: 85-445
Water Sprite - REG (559 sq. in.): W5546; LG (791 sq. in.): W5816